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Co-Founded by Adventure Sports legends Travis Rice & Cam Zink

SENDY is designed for a community with strong passions and values, making it easy to minimize the environmental impact of adventure.  SENDY brings the efficiencies of a shared economy to the world of adventure sports by reducing the need for new equipment and complex supply chains. Everyone wins here, including Planet Earth.

Travis Rice is a serial entrepreneur and big-mountain freeride legend with an unrivaled track record for creating genre-defining, trailblazing snowboarding films and industry leading events.

Cam Zink’s career is a laundry list of accolades and pivotal firsts. Rampage veteran and podium topper, freeride pioneer, the Guinness world record holder for the biggest backflip, are just a few to name. Cam used a lifetime on the bike to start Sensus and RAD Trails, a 501c3, to build better trails around the world.

Over decades of professional competition, endless adventure and more used gear than most of us could imagine, Travis and Cam identified the many pain points of the adventure sports industry and have decided to solve them with SENDY.

Every single piece of gear that finds a new home is one less new product getting pumped out of a factory and shipped around the world. Every single piece of gear that finds a new home helps someone chase their dreams, drop into their bodies and focus on what matters.

"The problem is not that we don’t have enough things, it’s that those things are inefficiently distributed. We have the power to change this forever. And by We, I mean You." 

- Cam Zink


Special thanks to:


The Black Lodge Singers of White Swan, Washington. A Grammy nominated Native American northern drum group led by Kenny ScabbyRobe, of the Blackfeet Nation. Check them out in Spotify, they have released twenty albums for Canyon Records, including two albums of pow wow songs for children.




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