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Designed for seekers of Adventure

​SENDY’s Affiliate Program is like no other. It is designed for seekers of Adventure. Designed for the hard-core powder chasers, van-lifers and Adventurers of all sorts.


  • Apply for the program.

  • Get your unique code.

  • Walk into a shop and tell them about SENDY

  • Help them create an account and set up profiles of their gear.

  • Sit back and collect cash as they rent or sell gear.

SENDY’s unique affiliate program allows members to receive residual income for up to two years - for every account and individual that you introduce to the SENDY community, using your unique code.  Meaning for every shop that starts renting or selling bikes or skis or anything else through the SENDY platform, you get to share in the profits. Earning up to 4% of every transaction for up to two years, SENDY affiliates can begin to build their own personal networks of members providing you with a residual income to continue seeking adventure.


These can be shops in towns you’re passing through on your epic life adventure, or shops around town you already know well. Every shop can only be signed up once with an affiliate code, so don’t leave money on the table in your area and remember first chair gets the pow.

The more SENDY you are the more perks will follow. From awesome team trips to custom SWAG, SENDY is going to make sure that you feel part of the family and honored as a core member of the community.

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Image by Matt Gross


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