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The circular economy is now the SENDY economy.

It pains me to think of how much I have wasted in the pursuit of adventure. How many surfboards I have thrown in landfills after chasing waves, wetsuits and climbing ropes. Bikes and beacons, whatever. My skis are probably rusting in the shed as a write this. We live in a world in which the pursuit of growth for the sake of growth is the dominant philosophy. In which it pays to cut trees and mine metals. The newest, greatest, freshest everything all the time. Make money, spend money, rinse and repeat.

It doesn’t have to be this way. At SENDY we are all just on a quest for the Moment. You know, the moment right as you take your last stroke into the wave of your dreams, or the last inhale before peddling off that sketchy rock roll. The moment in which everything counts, the moment in which it all makes sense. It takes a lot to arrive in that moment; skill, confidence, fitness and focus. But honestly, it also takes gear. And that’s where we come in. More people having more adventures is what we live for, and we know that’s a recipe for a happier and healthier community, BUT if we don’t do it right it can take a terrible toll on the very Earth on which we thrive and depend for both our physical and mental well being. We don’t need a Metaverse, we already have a Universe. We just need to take care of it so we can all thrive together for many generations to come.

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