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SENDY is an online marketplace and Gear Hub that lets community members Buy, Sell and Rent Adventure Sports equipment anywhere in North America.


SENDY makes it safe and easy to find used equipment beyond just your local area. 

  • Benefit from a world of discounted gear tailored to your size, skill and the sports you love. Finding the right gear is easy, SENDY’S feed features only gear that is the right size, shape, color etc for just the sports you select - and notifies you when new gear is added. 

  • Items are shipped with UPS labels and tracked within the SENDY dashboard.

  • Select from items that are available for shipping or in person meetup.

  • Most items including all ski/snowsports equipment can be shipped with UPS.

  • For shipping specialty items such as bicycles, SENDY is building a custom solution for safe and reliable shipping. 

  • Some items such as kayak and standup paddle boards are simply too large to be shipped and are best left for in person rentals and sales.



No more gear sitting around in garages and closets. SENDY makes it safe and easy to turn gear into cash.  

  • Sellers benefit from a smooth, easy to use interface, connecting them with buyers for their used equipment across North America.

  • Gear Profiles are curated on the feeds of community members based on their interests. 

  • Listings are searched by sport, brand, size, color and more. It’s important to provide detailed descriptions of your items and add them to correct activities and categories to make your items easy to find.

  • Providing a video showing the details of your product makes it easy for potential buyers to see the item and minimizes the chances of a miscommunication. Verbal descriptions of the item while shooting the video is also helpful.

  • Be sure to include photos of any damage or defects on the products so buyers can be aware of the condition before they purchase the item.

  • Shipping rates are paid by the buyer, but the shipping quotes are based on the dimensions input by the seller. It’s very important to estimate the dimensions correctly, so the buyer is not surprised by the shipping cost.

  • If the dimensions are incorrect then SENDY reserves the right to deduct the difference from the proceeds of the sale.

  • Buyers have 3 days to submit a return if the item is clearly different than what was portrayed in the photos and the funds of the sale will be held in escrow until the buyer has accepted the item or the 3 day waiting period has passed.

  • When a seller accepts an offer to sell one of their items a shipping label will automatically be generated and can be printed at home or at a UPS store.

  • The item should be well packaged and the label applied to the box for shipping. Drop it off at UPS or schedule a pickup and boom., You’re done and the item is now cash.

  • Social Media integration allows you to easily share gear listings to your friends and followers. 

  • Items are shipped with UPS labels or QR codes and tracked within the SENDY app.

  • Post it, share it, sell it, SEND IT!



Find and rent gear from stores and individuals anywhere and at anytime with the click of a button.  

  • SENDY handles everything ahead of time, including navigation, payment, and deposit, so you can walk in and grab your gear and go.  

  • SENDY strives to revolutionize the gear retail rental market with a smooth and familiar reservation process.

  • Eliminate the old days of calling around town only to show up to get in line to fill out paperwork and then wait for gear to be collected and adjusted, and then pay.

  • Ahead of your trip, find, reserve, and pay for equipment for you and the whole family at the closest location, get the brand, size, quality, level, that you need, then just walk in, show your phone, grab your gear, and go!

  • Easily browse items for rent using the map view or grid view, selecting which items you are looking for in the filters.

  • Select the dates for which you are looking for an item to determine the availability of an item. Some dates may be blocked by the owner of the item or the item will already be booked.

  • Tap on the map view to locate items near you.

  • When the owner of the item confirms the rental you will have the ability to chat with the owner and the owner can change the location of the meetup as needed.

  • A QR code will be automatically generated when the owner has accepted the rental request. When you arrive to pickup the item the owner simply cans your QR code and you will be prompted to take photos of the item to confirm it’s condition.

  • When you are done renting the item and return it. You will again take photos to confirm the condition, and if there is no issue with the item then the deposit will be refunded and both parties review each other.

  • If the item has been damaged the owner will submit a request including photo verification to the team at SENDY and the case will be quickly reviewed and it’s possible that a portion of the deposit or the deposit in its entirety will be held to repair or replace the item.



SENDY is designed to be the smoothest, simplest and most secure way to bring the peer to peer shared economy to the world of adventure sports.

  • Bringing a world of gear to your doorstep with integrated UPS shipping, QR codes and print ready labels.



When you Rent or Sell an item, your funds will be transferred to your SENDY wallet. The funds here can be used to purchase or rent other items on SENDY or be transferred back to a card or bank account.

  • To transfer money from the SENDY wallet to your bank account, please click the link and follow the process to set up your Stripe account.​

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