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How it Works

And what to expect 


Everything you need to know:

Listing Gear:

  • Post real pictures of your gear,

  • Show any identifying labels or brands

  • Document any flaws or damage

Buying Gear:

  • You can buy an item for the listing price and secure it

  • You can also make an offer to the seller. If the seller accepts, it's yours for that price.

  • Once you receive an item, you have 48 hrs to inspect the item. If there is any undisclosed damage or fraud, report it to Sendy. Read more here on what happens if an item is unsatisfactory.

  • See detailed tracking of your purchase in the SENDY app.

Selling Gear:

  • When you sell an item, a label will be sent to you. You can print at home or at the UPS store

  • Pack the item and use the prepaid label.

  • Arrange a pick up or drop it at the UPS store

  • All items are tracked with the SENDY app

  • After the buyer confirms receipt, SENDY gets you paid.

  • If the buyer fails to confirm the inspection, funds are released after 48 hours.

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