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Buying & Selling Used Skis on Sendy - Q&A

How do I sell my Skis on SENDY?

When it's time to sell your skis, depending on where you live, you may be able to sell your skiss locally via a local site like Craigslist or Nextdoor, a ski swap, consignment store, or even a pawnshop, but not everybody has the time to go meet up with potential buyers in person, and sometimes that can be risky for a number of reasons - and maybe people in your area are not looking for your dope skis, but someone is Vail or Tahoe or Arizona, is for example.  Sendy is the best place to sell your used skis and ski gear because it reaches potential customers all across North America.  Simply set a up gear profile in the Sendy app with video, pictures, and descriptions, and it will post to the feed of users who are specifically looking for skis to buy.  Once they have seen your skis, they can ask questions, make a comment, buy it, or make an offer on it.  When they decide to buy it,  just ship it to them via UPS  Once they receive it, you get paid.  The skis will stay in their Gear Garage so when they are ready to sell it, they just can just flip a button it to Sell, and the process starts over again.  And, you can check your feed to find your new gently used skis at a great price from a great person, just like you!   Everybody likes when they can get a sale price on a great skis!

What is the right price to list my skis for sale?

It's time to sell you skis online! How much are they worth?  The first place to start with selling your second hand skis is to know the price that was paid for it when it was new, and if there are any other components coming with it or any upgrades made to it.  Are you just selling your beloved used skis or are you gonna part with those sick bindings you perfectly picked out to match them?   Start with the total retail price, then look at how old or how many seasons it was used, and how hard or gentle you used it, and if it was serviced or tuned up regularly along the way.  Sometimes people buy a skis and only use it a few times and then realize skiing is not for them them or they just want to sell it and try a different shape or size but don't want to keep a garage full of gear - and it just makes sense to pass those sticks along and use the cash toward that new dream planks. Ok, cool, you kept good care of them, so fair enough to take the retail price and give a nice 20-30% discount and start there.  For example with a used car,  depreciation begins as soon as you drive off the lot and the value decreases 20% to 30% by the end of the first year.  From years 2-6, depreciation ranges from 15% to 18% per year.  It's not apples to apples but it's a good barometer.  If your skis has had significant damage to it or has delaminated, be honest and show it in the pictures and description.   You don't get paid until the buyer confirms it's what you sold them.  Sendy isn't the place to try to scam someone.  A potential buyer can make an offer that's below your price if they like the product but they think you are asking too much. It's up to you to decide if you want to accept or not, or make a counter offer.  Eventually, once a price is agreed upon, then that's the "right price".   You will have better luck if you just price the used skis at a fair price, usually the price you yourself would pay for it.  Also keep in mind, some skiss are collectors items, hard to find brands, unique styles or fits, so adjust accordingly. 

How do I sell my used skis quickly?

So, you are not the average ski bum and buy a new skiis every year, and your ski closet is getting full, or you changed up your style, regardless, it's time to part with some of them. Start by cleaning up your skis and fixing any damage.  Sendy focuses on video as well as pictures so we recommend you do both.  Take a comprehensive video tour of your skis with adequate lighting on a high contrast background, a blank white background is generally best.  Feel free to narrate the video as you take the time to pan over every edge of the skis, and the top and bottom.  Point out any flaws, be honest, it's used or 'gently loved' as we like to say, so don't be shy, just give those sticks thier proper 15-30 seconds of fame.  When making the rest of your listing, be as accurate and informational as possible.  Don't just say "Women's Skis", say "Atomic Vantage 75 C Skis ​+ M 10 GW Bindings 2021".  You should also say if it's for beginners or experts, and if it's and all mountain, jumping, slalom, and how many seasons you used it.  You might also share some fun stories about which resorts you used the skis at, the biggest jump you ever took on them, or the thickest powder day you had on them.  The more specific you can be about the skis and communicate the vibe, the better chance you have of finding a buyer.  Show the love! And lastly, figure out the right price, which for your convenience, we also have some guidance on that.

What is the right price to list my skis for sale?

Sometimes it makes sense to sell a whole package of gear such as for kids skis and gear.  You might want to sell the used skis with bindings, and boots, and maybe even the rest of the gear that goes with it like pants/bib, helmet, goggles, and other gear your kid just outgrew.  You can bundle it all up and make someone a great deal on Sendy.  You can also took to buy a skis set like this for your kids for the next season.  You can also follow people on Sendy who have kids that are slightly older than yours, and who ski, so you see their gear as soon as they post it. Good Luck and have fun getting prepared for this winter and making fresh tracks! 

When is the right time to sell my used skis and gear?

Really anytime if you are done carving it up, or if you have already bought your new skis.  Otherwise, after you have finished for the season and waxed your skis to protect them from the elements, go ahead and list them.   People are always looking for a good deal on a second hand skis and ski gear, so why not list it on Sendy now!  If you want to sell them faster, just drop the price down, or if there is no timeline, you can list it and wait, and adjust over time if needed.  Some skis brands are hard to find, or the exact size or shape that someone wants might be hard to find and they might just be looking for yours now.  Post it, Sell it, Send it.  

Should I fix up my used skis before selling it?

Not a bad idea to have your skis in a good rideable condition before you sell them on Sendy.  Get a tune up at local shop, or if you have the skills, fix/fill gouges, wax it, you know the drill. Windex is good enough to clean the tops.  Check the inserts, and note any that don't thread in smoothly with the screws by hand (not w/ power driver!). If selling with bindings, check bolts, and condition of them. If something is cracked or beat, note it so they buyer is aware!  Remember, we are a community of outdoor enthusiasts, stoke out your crew, and don't be a Jerry.

What's the difference between an expensive skis and mediocre ones?

There are some major differences in ski quality. Things like performance level, durability, conditions (ice or powder), weight, and easy of tricks and turning all depend on the skis, and generally speaking higher quality skis are more expensive.  First, if you are new to sking, you don't need the most expensive ones, just ones that work till you really get the hang of it.  Once you are ripping it next level, you can upgrade to skis that handle better.  You might find you like the terrain parks for tricks or are an backcountry skier, or just like pow!  Each set of skis is crafted for a specific style, and some are 'all around'.  Once you know what you are looking for, sometimes they are hard to find in the exact size or brand, so Sendy can help there!   When it comes to bindings, remember, this is what's keeping your feet attached to the board, so if you are going to go hard, you will want bindings that are durable and comfortable and responsive.  An investment in nicer, more responsive bindings will generally pay off in more control, and bindings can be remounted across multiple skis if you ultimately upgrade or switch.​

Can I just sell my skis but not the bindings?

Sure!  You can sell your used ski bindings on their own as well.  If you love those bindings, but just want to upgrade you skis, then sell the skis, keep the bindings, and buy a new second hand skiis on Sendy!   Same for other used gear.  And yes, you can also make a ski gear package with skis, bindings, helmet, jacket, all of it...  Someone might make you an offer to just buy most of it, then you could sell the rest individually or decide what do to do with it from there.  Kids sets are perfect for this because they usually progress in their skiing style and they get bigger, so just keep selling and buying packages with all the needed gear on Sendy, year after year.

Why should I buy used skis vs new?

With Sendy, you can save up to 50% OFF the best selection used Skis. New Skis are expensive, and that's cool, but not everyone needs brand new ones every year, and sometimes you want to have more than one set up.  Go ahead and get a smoking deal on a 2 or 3 year set of skis from a brand you wanted to try, and start building your dream quiver with all types of skis for different snow conditions or terrain.  You'll never be bummed to have options when you roll in and conditions changed overnight.  Why not save 30%, 40%, 50%, or more on used skis that are going to work just great and give you great options.  Set up your Sendy feed with the brands and sizes you want, and just wait for them to come to you.

What are some of the most popular Skis brands I should look for?

K2, Rossignol, Atomic, Fischer, Line, Volkl, Salomon, Armada, Icelandic, Lib Tech, Nordica, and Head.

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