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SENDY is an online marketplace and gear hub that lets community members buy, sell and rent adventure sports equipment anywhere in North America.
Launched by legendary action sports athletes Travis Rice and Cameron Zink, SENDY is the smoothest, simplest, and most secure way to bring the peer to peer shared economy to the world of adventure sports.

Level up your playing field with

major E-commerce companies

Engage with a national audience of shoppers propelled by SENDY’S sophisticated national advertising, and bring your clearance, returned, and discounted gear to entirely new markets who are actively seeking exactly what you are selling. 


Get your products in front of hundreds

of thousands of engaged shoppers

Every month, tens of thousands of new action sports shoppers are landing on the SENDY website and SENDY app.  Currently, we have more buyers than we have gear available for purchase. We would love to have you as a retail partner on SENDY listing your shop's gear for sale to a nationwide audience.


Reduce your reliance on foot traffic

Engage with a national audience of adventurers and athletes searching for speciality equipment. Refined and specific adventure sport gear sitting on store shelves can find its way to new users faster and easier than ever.

Shoppers can purchase your gear with 2 clicks.


Bring your gear and apparel to customers with one of the fastest purchase flows in the business. Start selling or renting out your gear to a national audience with quick and discounted shipping via UPS.


Find buyers for last season’s clearance items

There has never been a better time to sell gear on SENDY. Now more than ever, shoppers are looking for slightly used gear and last season’s gear.  

Sell buyer specific items

Find that perfect buyer for inventory that just won’t sell well locally.  SENDY is a complete sales solution for gear, apparel, and parts of all shapes and sizes, especially for gear that someone might need a few states away where the season lasts longer.


Keep your margins up on used and discounted gear

SENDY has a simple commission structure of 11% for selling gear and only 3% when renting out an item.  You also save on credit card fees and transfer funds directly from your SENDY wallet to your bank for free.

Engage your customer directly

With engaging user profiles, followers, chats, and reviews, bring your community to life with the ability to engage with your SENDY customers directly and build a following who are waiting for your next gear to drop.


Benefit from millions of eyes on SENDY advertising

Literally millions. We are grateful for our tremendous support from the adventure community. SENDY is about less gear sitting around and more people adventuring.


Access complete sales reports when you need them

With a small but mighty retail support team, we are always here for personalized service and support, as well as custom solutions and integrations when you need them. Reach out anytime, for anything. As far as we are concerned, you are family.


Featured Retailer


Check out an example of one of our premier retail rental shops.

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 10.09.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 12.20.55 PM.png

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